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Thinking about selling your Home?

There are many things to consider when preparing to sell you home.
Below is a step by step guide to the home selling process. 


Initial Visit

Start by meeting with your Real Estate professional. A walk-through of the property is fundamental for your Realtor to get acquainted with your home and the features that make your home standout from the competition.  



During the walk-through, we may notice some items that may need to attention before listing the propety. This will make your home appeal to more potential buyers and it will reduce the possibility of issues when the Home Inspection is completed. 


Comparitable Market Analysis (CMA)

A comprehensive market analysis is to determine the fair market value of your home based on the recent homes active, under contract and sold in your area. We will also then develope a market plan to sell your home. 







Listing Agreement/Keys/Photos

We review and execue the Listing Agreement. I will collect a set of keys and I will put a lockbox on the front door. Also, this is when photos will be taken of your property. Ensure your property is looking its best and that the main selling feautres are easily visable. 

Multiple Listing Service(s) 

Your home will be advertised in the MLS as well Zillow, Trulia,, etc.


Reviewing Offers and Negotiating When offer(s) are received we will review and negotiate as needed. Once the offer is agreed upon and has all parties initials and signatures it is then ratified. 



Ordering HOA Docs /Home & Radon Inspection

 Following ratification HOA documents will be ordered and the HOA will follow up an inspection of your home to ensure it's within guidelines. If there are violations, they will show up in the HOA report. Mostly likely you will be responsible for remedying them before settlement. Remember, a buyer can walk based on HOA Docs/ violations. If any items show up in the Home Inspection they are negotiable but some may be a deal breaker for buyers if not corrected before settlement. Some properties are listed AS-IS. Which is on rare occasion. AS-IS is mostly seen with Short Sales and Foreclosures. 

Wood Destroying Insect Inspection

This is inspection is to take place within 30 days of settlement. Whichever party is responsible for payment will choose a company to inspect the home. If insects are found the seller is responsible for remediation. Report is sent to lender. 



The lender will order an appriasal of the property. An appriaser will come out and determine the value based on a number of factors. Lenders are ensuring the property is at least the value of the contract price.  



Final Walk-Through

Typically a few days before or on the day of settlement the buyer will schedule their final walk through. They will check to ensure all repairs were made that were agreed upon in the home inspection removal and the rest property is in the same condition it was during the home inspection.



Congradulations! You have made it to settlement. A settlement reminder will be sent to you in advance to remind you of all items you need to bring with you to settlement. Utilies and homeowner insurance should be scheduled to be terminated the day after settlement. 

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