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Our Services:

As your Property Manager we will care for your home as if it was our own. Our management services start from the moment the property is rented and the tenants are ready to move in.

  • We collect and hold the tenant’s security deposit in a separate escrow account in a federally insured institution in Virginia.

  • We do a pre-delivery inspection of the property to make sure all the major systems are in good working order and the house is safe for your future tenants.

  • We meet with your tenant(s) at the premises on their move-in date (the lease start date) to do a Move-in Orientation. The orientation consists in teaching the tenants how all the major systems at the property work and how to maintain them, e.g., how to replace the HVAC filter, how to winterize the hose bibs, test smoke detectors, etc. We do a Move-in inspection report and take pictures of the entire property to document its condition.

  • We collect the monthly rent, arrange for any repairs and or maintenance needed at the property on your behalf, and deposit your proceeds in your bank of choice.  Rent is due on the 1st of each month. However, the tenants have a 4-day grace period to pay their rent. Your rent proceeds are sent to you as an ACH transfer and the funds should be in your account by the 10th of each month. We also send you a monthly Owner Statement.

  • We do multiple walk-throughs of your property during the year to ensure your tenants are complying with all the terms and conditions of the lease. We also do two Preventive Maintenance Inspections of the property every year. These inspections consist in checking for any plumbing, electrical, or safety issues at the house. We also test the smoke detectors and provide the tenants with a “Smoke Alarm Certificate” as required by Virginia law. The cost of these inspections is $95 each.  

  • Up on request, we can make your HOA payments for you.  

  • We address any HOA violations with tenants.

  • We send notices to you and your tenants 60 days before their lease expires as an attempt to negotiate a lease extension. If the tenants do not wish to renew their lease we re-list the property for rent.

  • At the end of the year, we send you a cash-flow Statement and a Form-1099 for your taxes.


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